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  • Willy
    Special cases - Craiova (Dolj) - February 22, 2017

    He used to live with Greya in a big company building from our city. They didn't got to much love from people so they are both afraid. He accepts easily other males. He needs an experienced owner/trainer.

  • Sarah
    Special cases - Craiova (Dolj) - February 22, 2017

    Female - scared tipe, afraid of people (ok with other dogs, not tested with cats) Currently in foster care, she needs an experienced foster or adopter

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell
    Special cases - Craiova (Dolj) - February 21, 2017

    Shy girl. She is a special case not necessary because of her shorter leg (remained like this after an accident) but mostly because of her temper - scared dog. She was for so long in the streets, needing to defend herself. she is not attacking, she bi...

  • Anne
    Adult - Craiova (Dolj) - February 21, 2017

    very playful, energy, loving, ok with childrens, non-aggresive dogs. curently in kennels very stressed.

  • Scooby
    Old dogs - Ostroveni (Dolj) - February 21, 2017

    Took from the streets so the dog catcher won't catch him. Currently in foster care, in the kennels. Very loving and gentle with people and childrens, fine with submisive dogs, not ok with cats. Maybe he will have the luck to have his last years of hi...

  • Shy Black Puppy
    Shy Black Puppy
    Puppy - Ostroveni (Dolj) - February 21, 2017

    Male, about 6 months old, shy tipe, still afraid by people.

  • Bee
    Puppy - Craiova (Dolj) - February 21, 2017

    Female. Sweet and gentle, medium size. Ok with cats, childrens and other dogs.